A working group was started in 2010 with the objective to establish guidelines for application of the EU Machinery Directive in real-life situations.

The EU Machinery Directive briefly defines the content and structure of user manuals. The Directive leaves plenty of scope for interpretation, discussion, and justification. Machines and plants produced in Europe may include components not only from Europe but from all over the world. The documentation, seen as an integral part of a machine or plant, is often not in conformance with the Directive.

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The Infopool working group was founded at the 2007 TCeurope AGM, originally with the objective of producing a brochure aimed at aspiring technical communicators and based on the TecDocNet guideline.

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The 2005 TecDocNet project was aimed at providing an inventory of routes to professional education and training of technical communicators in Europe. It was created with the support of the Commission of the European Communities under the Leonardo da Vinci programme. The content does not necessarily reflect the Commission’s position on this subject.

The 2004 SecureDoc Project was supported by the Directorate of General Health and Consumer Protection of the European Commission and resulted in a publication providing practical guidelines to help manufacturers and service providers produce user-friendly instruction manuals for consumer goods.