TCeurope is a federation of societies in Europe whose goal is to promote technical communication. We are a non-profit organisation registered with Brussel’s Chamber of Commerce.

TCeurope is a society of societies (no private person can apply for membership).

TCeurope has around 1500 members who represent an extensive knowledge base on technical communication. One of our goals is to improve the awareness of our resources in English across our member network.

The objectives of TCeurope are:

  • to represent our members more efficiently on the European level
  • to improve the quality of technical documentation in general
  • to promote a more intensive exchange of information and knowledge between specialists in technical communication in Europe
  • to standardise qualifications for technical communicators in Europe and to improve vocational, academic and further training in all European countries
  • to develop and share a European market for jobs and services in technical communication
  • to promote and support societies for technical communication in those European countries where national societies are still lacking or where existing organisations need assistance


TCeurope is a European society bringing together national technical communication societies. This accounts for the diversity of its members. Our role is to represent the voice of European technical communication professionals. We are non-profit, and we work independently of companies or commercial products.

We, the member societies, decide together what to do. This means we can be creative, responsive and flexible. For example, as part of our vision we want to make TCeurope the platform that helps national societies collaborate in Europe. We have opened up the membership criteria in order to welcome new members, even from outside the geographical borders of Europe.


Technological progress has been an essential factor of European progress. In all branches of industrial production, communication and services, common markets have been created. We believe the achievements of the information age should be easily accessible to everyone. Promoting technical communication in Europe is an important contribution to this. With this in mind, TCeurope was founded as a European umbrella organisation for technical communicators integrating most of the national organisations in Europe.


TCeurope membership is a good investment (€1 per member). We organise a free colloquium every year, an industry award every other year, and our AGM meets once a year. Furthermore, we lead several multicultural projects such as organising a European survey on technical communication, and producing a report on new membership forms for non-profit societies to help national societies keep their members and gain new ones.

TCeurope is a proactive and dynamic community where YOU can get involved and where your voice will be heard!