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How the Headhunter Agency Works? 4 Steps to Know about It More

The Headhunter agency, how does it work? A headhunter is an independent company or agency hired by companies to find high-quality and specialist employees for them. The way it works is considered more difficult and complex than the HRD since the employee to find must be fit to what the company has expected. Often, it hijacks prospective employees from other companies to work with the client.

But you should not worry, although some people may think the headhunter works silently or even illegally, it is actually not. Here are how the agency generally works.

Analyzing the Trend and Demand

First of all, a headhunter may analyze the trend of the employment market. It also creates a list of the most demanded jobs currently including those jobs that need rare skills.

A consultation session with the company as a client is also conducted. It is to know what the company wants regarding its new employees. If needed, the headhunter provides advice based on what they have found in the analysis session. Finally, the best characteristics of the candidate are found.

Identifying Candidates

Many people may have registered themselves to the agency to be hired in the company. Or, the agency tries to find the candidate itself based on the characters found in the first step. It identifies people with high qualifications for the job by utilizing many sources and networks.

Further curation is also done based on the talents that have been found. The agency makes a database of the candidate profiles who have the most potential to be recruited. If the candidate needed is not in the database, the headhunter can look for it once more outside.

Approaching Candidates 

The headhunter may approach the candidate personally and build intensive communication. It is to offer a job to the client’s company. If the candidate or the target is currently working in another company, the headhunter negotiates and persuades them to leave the company and join the client’s company.

Meeting Up

If both the client and candidate agree, the headhunter agency brings them together to do interviews and some other things. The job offer is dealt with in this session. Often, the headhunter’s job is stopped here. However, many clients still ask it to join the negotiation whether as the witness or mediator.

After the candidate officially works in the company, the headhunter gets the fee it deserves. Commonly, the fee is calculated based on the percentage of the employee’s salary. It is around 20% – 30% of the salary in a year.

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